Tale of a Sheep Gone South


We’ve had this ornament you see, for many years now. I don’t know who gave it to us, nor exactly when. I’m pretty sure some wonderful crafter in South America made this ornament. But somehow, the expression on this “sheep”s face (for truly we don’t know what else it might be!) is freaky. It’s been called Evil Sheep from day one. Every year, the battle begins as to where this ugly ornament will hang on the tree. The Edwards men prefer front and center on the tree. The Edwards women want it tucked as far back behind and in the tree as possible.


This year the battle ratcheted up a notch or two. After a few days of the usual move-to-the-front, move-to-the-back, back and forth, I came downstairs to find that even Lucky, our Elf on the Shelf, had joined forces with the men. How dare he!


So I thought, surely our cat Lucy would love to have a bit o’ fun with this critter…you know, maybe even chew or claw at it a bit. 🙂 But NO! Lucy wasn’t one bit interested in this thing! I tried to get several photos of her with it, and the most she ever did was lick it! Maybe she felt sorry for the ugly, twisted expression on its face.


The men’s final coup was to get the Angel on our Tree to participate in their diabolical plan! Can you believe this? Turning an Angel into Little Bo Peep is truly wicked!!


But today, I will get my final revenge! I get to stuff Evil Sheep into a box with a bunch of happy ornaments….hehehe! For a whole year!!!! In our Instagrammed photos of this tug-of-war we’ve been keeping score. Edwards men=2, Edwards women=1, that kind of thing. Today I think I shall proclaim us ladies the WINNERS! Successfully drowning Evil Sheep into the ornament box for the next 335 days or so!



**I cropped out each image for telling the story. But here’s how my pages looked:



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  1. nancy t says:

    What a great story and tradition! I think the mask idea is a winner … and maybe give it a little “sheepy” costume to go with it. Super little illustrations to go with your story. Happy New Year to you and your family! nancy

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