Thanksgiving Bounty

Sometimes gifts of time to create come when you least expect them. This Thanksgiving, I found myself staying at home with hubby and kids…no traveling to see families, which is what we were planning on up until Wednesday morning. I had all but decided NOT to make Jingle Bulbs this year…I’ve been working a bunch at both Knit One Smock Too and at Maggie’s Crochet. Any time I have to create I just wanna knit or crochet. But my friend and gallery owner at Everyday Art Gallery was waiting for these. So when I was given an expanse of time, I took it and made these. Actually, both of my daughters and I had fun painting away on the myriad of bulbs we had saved over the year. All different shapes and sizes and no two alike…they go to the gallery tomorrow. Our family ended up having a wonderful holiday, relaxing together, painting together, and of course, eating together…true Bounty.

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