The Bag Lady


A quick sketch in my writing journal before heading off to teach today. My husband often calls me “the bag lady” and this is why. I carry multiple bags around with me. And bags within bags (like the knitting bag tucked in my purse/handbag).  This is actually a fairly light day. Typically I have bags of supplies to bring in with me, such as paper towels, napkins, paper plates, cut papers, etc.  We’ve been painting a lot lately in my classes and today we get to begin a painted paper collage inspired by the works of Eric Carle…I am soooo excited to see how these develop!! I will post progress on Instagram, if you want to follow me there.


This is how we paint: tempera in ice trays. Works great. When colors get a little murky (which they will with so many kids going into them with their partially cleaned off brushes :), then you have the other spaces to add fresh paint.

Perhaps you’ll get to paint today too!

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  1. freebirdsings says:

    Lol, the bag lady! My dad was the bag man then. Years ago, when he would drive up, or take the train, to visit my sister he would take what he needed in brown paper bags. My sister said she’d pick him up and he’d look a bit like a homeless person with his sacks and bedroll. Bags are soft and roomy aren’t they? They accommodate so many little things. I took my two handled bag to my daughter’s the other day. I had paints, a journal and some knitting in it.

    The ice cube trays are an excellent choice for the paints! I hope it was a great class of painting!

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