The Big “Ball-Drop”: A Key to Artful Living


When the ball dropped in Times Square, ushering in the New Year, I had a brief moment of clarity. It then proceeded to leave the forefront of my mind until now, as I stand fully rooted into 2014 and finding I am unable to juggle all the balls in my life.

There are so many! A few of them, I never really let go of at all. Nor do I want to. The balls of “wife”, “mother”, “family” are always in play, as they should be. But then there is “teaching”, “house upkeep”, “drawing my life”, “Friday drawing”, “blogging”, “knitting”, “drawing Genevieve”, “walking”, “book signings”, “Etsy Shoppe Management”, and I’m sure others. But I’ll stop there for now. That alone, just looking at all those balls, makes me tired.

What blitzed into my head on New Year’s Eve, was that this needed to be the year I hone the skill of ball dropping. To somehow let one or two balls (maybe more!) drop to the ground in order to hold onto and juggle well the ones I have in my hands. Then, at a later time, when a couple of balls are not in play, I can pick them up and start juggling with them again.  A big ball I begin to add into the juggle mix in January of every year, is prep for our Art Show at the school where I teach. I’m letting a few balls drop for at least a week or more to see this one through to its finish without collapsing (or landing in the hospital!).

So I’ve chosen a couple of balls I will let drop for the next month or so. One of them is “blogging”. I will see you all on the other side of the school Art Show! And of course, I will share our amazing evening of art at Redeemer School with you, which will be held February 13th. (If you click on that link to our school’s website, you can view a little video about our school. You’ll also see my students painting and drawing, and a tiny little interview of me and many other teachers. 😉

Til then, I hope you are able to set down a ball or two if you need it, like I do, so that you can move through life a bit more gracefully and sane!

0 thoughts on “The Big “Ball-Drop”: A Key to Artful Living

  1. freebirdsings says:

    You do a super job juggling! Letting a few balls go intentionally is a whole lot better than having them all go because you try not to drop any. See you when you return!

  2. raenassketchbook says:

    Good luck and DO have fun! I understand about the ball dropping. It seems if I never drop some of the balls, I never get to the ones I really want. So, blogging sometimes has to be set aside so I can actually get some artwork done!

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