The Boring Stuff

Watching UP last night (for the tenth time), I was struck by the little boy Russell’s words.  Upon describing to Mr. Frederickson a memory of getting ice cream with his dad and sitting on the curb to watch the cars go by, counting the red ones and blue ones, he says,

“That might sound boring. But I think it’s the boring stuff I remember most.”

Yes. Indeed.

And I…I want to draw and paint the boring stuff.

0 thoughts on “The Boring Stuff

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you. That’s a lovely comment. I do tend to find even the simple things, like one’s cat looking out on the sun coming up, to be something magical. The drawings and paintings don’t come close to actual feel of the moments. But they do bring it all back for me, and that’s all I’m after. Thanks so much for visiting!!

    • jenpedwards says:

      I really love how you word that! I do agree that it “propels me toward happiness”. We must be kindred spirits in this! May your day be filled with “boring” stuff to paint and draw!

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