The Brothers Zucchini


In the vast land of Back Yard, two brothers lived next door to each other through the heat and humidity of Summer. Bubba Zucchini had a goal to produce the biggest and best zucchini ever known, while Jake Zucchini made it his mission to outlast them all.


As Autumn encroached on the land, Jake held his head high even as his limbs hung limp, weary from the toil of the season. Yet Bubba continued to nurture the over two foot long zucchini growing beneath his mammoth wings.


Preserved here in paint, the legacy of these two brothers will live in infamy, even though Jake has now succumbed to the natural course of things and is flattened to the ground, disappearing into the soil. Bubba is making a valiant attempt to continue sheltering the huge girth of his progeny. Soon, the gigantic zucchini will join the local Fair to compete for the title of Biggest & Best in the Zucchini family, thus making Bubba the proudest papa in the land.


**Good grief. What stories come floating in on a breeze as I stand washing dishes looking out the window at our backyard. I’m sure this happens to you too! Oh please do say that it does. Surely I’m not the only one. 😉

0 thoughts on “The Brothers Zucchini

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Which Sketchbook Klass are you taking? I didn’t sign up for the newest one as I haven’t finished the second one. I love your zucchini story. I don’t usually come up with stories. I love it when others do! And paintings to go with the story! Well that’s special.

    • jenpedwards says:

      I’m signed up for the newest one called Storytelling! I just received the first klass on Friday! I hope to “attend” this week! I did not do the other two semesters so this should be a real treat!

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