The Cherry Grove Shawlette


While I was knitting the Holden Shawlette this summer, I was also designing a shawlette, one to crochet.  I loved how the Holden Shawlette designer, Mindy Wilkes, was inspired by the waves of the ocean, having grown up going to Holden Beach here in NC.  The idea for my crocheted shawl came while I was at Oak Island with my family this summer, but the bulk of the crocheting was done while at Cherry Grove a couple of weeks later.  My husband and I went to Cherry Grove, SC in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely time just the two of us (which hadn’t happened in recent years due to Maddie’s Type 1 Diabetes).

Anyhow…as I walked along the beach with Randy, I tried to study the waves that were breaking on the beach.  It seemed that they started some ways out after a long patch of solid water, then there was a bubbly, foamy bit where the waves were breaking. This was followed by more solid water, then some more bubbly foamy bits, over and over until the waves reached the sand. I tried to mimic this in the crocheted shawlette. I say “shawlette” since it is petite, like the Holden Shawlette, and is perfect for summer days.  However, I always include at least one Variation on a Theme in my patterns, giving you options for crocheting (or knitting) other versions of the same pattern.


Instead of using fingering weight yarn (ONLY ONE BALL OF SOCK YARN FOR THIS!),  you could substitute DK  or Worsted Weight Yarn to achieve a larger, heavier shawl for fall and winter.  I absolutely adore being able to use one pattern for several different versions!  This makes the money you pay for a pattern, go farther!


The Cherry Grove Shawlette would make the perfect gift for someone this Christmas, or for their birthday, or for yourself for any occasion.  Or maybe just for leaping beside the ocean, like Genevieve here.  Though it may appear complicated, this pattern uses simple crochet stitches! You’ll love working the solid single crochets and watching the bubbly, foamy bits come to life!

Here’s the link to the pattern for purchase in  my Etsy Shoppe! Please share this post with anyone you know who might love to make this shawl! Genevieve would be so glad you did! 😉

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