The Colors of Home

One of the lovely things about coming home is enjoying the color that surrounds me. Two weeks inside an off-white apartment made my eyes color sensitive to the blues, yellows and greens of the walls of my home. Artwork on the walls, colorful and comfy furniture, and even the white rocking chair out on our relatively bland back deck seem to leap out at me. There’s no place like home…even though I really enjoyed our time in Michigan.

I AM still enjoying iPad art…love the new colors in the Draw Free updated app. But there’s somethin’ funny happenin’ with my stylus. Every now and again, it decides it doesn’t like to draw curved lines. I draw the curvy line and a second later, a triangle appears ( as you can see in the curtain above my kitchen sink). This is very frustrating and has me on the hunt for a better stylus. Or is it an app issue? I’ll let you know what I find out!

But I HAVE returned to drawing on paper with pen and watercolor…ooooh…aaahhh…there’s nothin’ like home. I’ll be posting these soon!

0 thoughts on “The Colors of Home

  1. nancy t says:

    Welcome back to your home … nope, there’s no place like it, is there! Your drawings on the ipad are very nice – you’ve definitely got the hang of it! nancy

  2. Timaree says:

    Ah, back to all your color! Love your drawing. Makes me think I should draw my kitchen view.

    I’ll bet it’s an app issue but hope not. I can’t see how the stylus itself could do the triangle thingy. Bugs like this will keep us going back to pen, pencil and paper but that’s not a bad thing.

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