The Factory in Watercolor

As you know, I am working on portraits these days.  Some take longer than I can post on a regular basis.  I am also continuing to draw and paint in my little town of Kernersville.  I thought I would post some of the backlog of drawings and paintings I have from my Friday morning fun.

The above little painting is what I worked on last Friday.  I’ll start with the most recent and work back through the others, perhaps in no particular order.  But this one is different in that I seem to be in an “only watercolor” groove these days, perhaps owing to the watercolor portraits I’m working on.  There’s just something unbelievably magical about watercolor!!  All the oozling and wazzling, the calligraphic lines, the laying in of color upon color, the splashes, the spatters, the….OH! I am so smitten!

Don’t get me wrong…I loooovve the linework with watercolor added! Oh boy I do! But right now, I’m enjoying putting a few “invisible” pencil lines and then having at it with the watercolor.  You really are forced to work harder at maintaining the structure of the piece when you don’t have pen lines to carry that structure for you.

Something really cool happened last Friday as I was painting.  I’ll tell you about it, maybe in my next post.  I seem to be having quite a few of these “chance” meetings these days.  It’s not the i’m-gonna-be-published, or i-sold-a-ton-of-paintings kind of thing.  It’s having chance meetings with some really amazing people, hearing their story, and being privileged to see the creative beauty that’s going on all around me, yet sometimes hidden from plain view.  I’m getting these awesome opportunities to see it and marvel at it!  So do come back and visit…I’ll tell you all about them in upcoming posts!

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve added several more pieces of artwork to my Fine Art America gallery.  Click here to see all the different types of artwork and the possibilities for having prints, canvases, cards, etc. made from them!

And most of all, I hope you have an artfull day!…whatever your art may be!

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