The Finale

Our last evening in Grand Rapids, we went out to eat with some lovely folks we had met there during our two week stay. And for dessert, we went to Jersey Junction for ice cream. Now this isn’t your usual ice cream spot. This place is owned by the family of the author of The Polar Express, a fabulous children’s book we read to and with our kids every Christmas. The line of people was out the door and almost to the street. The line continued for at least an hour after we got our ice cream and ate it contentedly on the front porch. A perfect evening, watching the people, watching the Polar Express train make its trek around the ceiling of the shop, and watching the long twilight sky fade to indigo.

I sketched this little drawing after I finished my Chocolate Monster cone. Draw Free is SO fun! Have I told you that? And guess what? Just today, I got an update for this little app which now provides more lovely colors than I could have asked for!! Which I DID ask for just a few days ago in my blog post reviewing Draw Free and Auryn Ink. Can you believe it? Wishes really do come true! Well, some of them.;-)

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  1. Timaree says:

    This is so neat! Have you printed out one of your pictures to see how it does? Thanks for the review. It really helps when you are looking at all the apps out there to know what one or two of them actually do!

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