The Fountain. The Fountain. The Fountain…

Well… I think…

…I like this fountain…

…just a little bit.  Don’t you?

Oh, and here and here too!

And I have another one…all in watercolor to reveal to you soon!

Too Fun!

P.S. The Fountain sits in the middle of the courtyard, so you can sit in any spot around it and have a different view.  I told someone the other day, I think I could draw at the Factory every day for a year and not exhaust all the lovely views!

0 thoughts on “The Fountain. The Fountain. The Fountain…

  1. Dr Cornelius Snorter says:

    I’ve done that myself (not your fountain – how strange would that be) – not a fountain at all but different views of the same thing. Each one of those wonderful paintings makes up the full story.
    I love your colourful, wild and beautiful style Jennifer.

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