The Kindness of Others

An artist friend (whom I have never met) left a comment on my last post that has been so encouraging to me.  She writes, “Moments fill our lives like the colorful dots in a Seurat painting. When we pay attention, really pay attention, the art of living becomes something truly remarkable to see.”  I have been so touched by this and other’s sweet notes (which you can read here), along with the love and kindnesses of folks who live near me.  From the gentle care of Dr. Albright at Forsyth Pediatrics, to the marvelous doctors and nurses at Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, to the many thoughts & prayers from family, friends, and our church family, to our neighbor Joann, and my amazing parents who dropped their life in Boone to come stay in our home caring for our other children…we have been showered with kindness.  Each and every one of you are a colorful dot in the painting of my life.  Though I won’t know what that painting will look like until the other side of eternity, I know it will be beautiful, because of YOU.  Thank you from my  heart.

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