The Land of Yarn Drobe

I am the happy recipient of a magical gift! My son has been working on repurposing an old gun cabinet into a yarn display case for my studio. It was to be my birthday gift this summer, but has just recently been finished. Knowing that I would not house guns in it, he and our neighbors, who are in the business of upcycling furniture, added shelves and painted it the perfect color for holding yarns in my studio. I could not be more delighted with it!!

The wonderful thing about a gift like this is that it sparks the imagination. As soon as the small cabinet was situated in between two picture windows in my studio sunroom, I saw it as a magical wardrobe, much like that of C.S. Lewis’ in the Chronicles of Narnia. The blue cabinet sat empty for a couple of days as my busy life prevented me from filling it. As always, the busy-ness of life allows for ideas to percolate and simmer. While on my morning walk yesterday, the whole story of this Land of Yarn Drobe unfolded with each step and I worked all day, in between laundry and the daily to-do list, to complete it.

Macy, Purl, Marisol and Clarissa the friendly Cat, had been eagerly waiting for me to finish filling the beautiful blue cabinet so that they could enter and have a look around. Here is a brief account of their first venture into the Land of Yarn Drobe.


All you need to enter the enchanted world of Yarn Drobe is this magical key. As the door creaks open you will shrink in size so that you, dear human, may romp on the hills of woolly color, climb spindle trees, and meet the big, tall, but NOT terrible giants of the land. Yarn Drobe is a place where sheep roam the hills and birds spin the wool into swirly nests of yarn. There is even a twinkling spindle tree to light your path.

Those who enter this magical world have a difficult time leaving, as the cheery colors and soft fields of wool soothe their hearts and inspire their imaginations. Macy, Purl, Marisol and Clarissa the friendly Cat ventured into Yarn Drobe warily, not knowing what they might find. But when the giants, Mortimer and Millicent, greeted them warmly and the spinning birds pulled up woolly nests for them to sit upon, they soon felt they could stay here for many seasons. They passed the day with their new friends touring the colorful landscape and spinning to their hearts’ content.

As evening fell, Macy began to wish for her own cozy bed back at the Spinning House. Purl and Clarissa decided to go with her, albeit reluctantly. Marisol, however, knew in her heart upon entering this magical land, that this would be her home. She bade her friends farewell for now, with many hugs and kisses, inviting them to return as often as they wished. She made sure to point out to them where the key was located and that they were always welcome to come walk and play on the woolen hills, spin yarn, and sit under the light of a spindle tree.


And so begins the adventures of Marisol the Mouse

in the Land of Yarn Drobe.

18 thoughts on “The Land of Yarn Drobe

  1. Suzanne says:

    How enchanting and magical!! When the lights go out and only the moon lights the room each night, I see the lucky inhabitants twirling, swirling and dancing wrapped in the glorious strands of your rainbow colored yarn…. until the first sunbeams send them scampering back to their proper places. Kudos to your son for creating a perfect gift

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Oh I love how you imagine this! So true so true!! Perhaps I will come downstairs and find some of my works in progress finished from their evenings knitting and twirling! Have a lovely day Suzanne!

  2. Mary Ellis says:

    That is magical, Jennifer! What a wonderful gift – and your gift of imagination adds a whole new view of the blue cabinet! Love it! and the critters who live there and visit! I know they’ll have many adventures in a very special place!

  3. Tina says:

    This is enchanting on so many levels. How kind of William to know his mama so well. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses

  4. Lorrie Brumley says:

    This is such a beautiful gift with love from your son. I love hearing your vision of the characters that will live here! You are amazing!

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