The Light Letters

As evening comes so early these days, I’m like a plant straining towards any light she can find. Advent is a wonderful time to lean into light-filled endeavors, from stringing up twinkle lights to reflecting on the reason for the season. It’s also a wonderful time to lean into making things, be they for gifts or offering to others for purchase. Recently I have an impulse to give to others some of the Light and Hope I receive as a maker. Perhaps you will want to receive a weekly Letter bringing hope to your making days.

Drawing from my daily sketchbook.

I’ve been making stuff since I was a child, but in earnest as an adult since my early 30’s. It seems that when the paint brush hits the paper, or the spinning wheel begins to whir, or the knitting needles are clicking quietly…I can hear whispers of joy and hope for my day to day life. I’m not unique in this…plenty of other creative folks experience this too! It’s what keeps us returning to our paints, to the wheel, to the musical instrument or the written words. As we make things our hearts hear notes of hope, and a light grows inside lighting the way before us.

Illustration in my Ohuhu sketchbook. Marker & Gouache.

So I’m sending out Light Letters each Monday and if you haven’t signed up, it’s simple to do. Here’s the sign-up form for a free weekly Light Letter to encourage you in your making. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, you may find it encouraging for you also! After all…every human being is a maker of some stripe or other, whether you bake cakes or make communities of friends, create masterpieces or make mud pies. So please join me!

Spinning rolags I blended on a handpainted support spindle.

Along with a Letter of Light & Hope, you’ll receive updates on the making going on in my studio. I’ll give discounts for my ETSY shops, both the one for paintings and the one for knitting patterns and handspun yarns. I’ll let you in on behind the scenes projects (I have so many exciting plans for the New Year!) And you’ll be the first to know about available artwork or new handspun yarns or upcoming exhibits. In all of this, I promise to lean into the light and hope for your making days, and go light on the advertising! I really want this to be a gift to you, encouragement to start your week. Share this with a friend if you think they might also enjoy receiving a Letter of Light & Hope for their Making Days!

All the friends here in my studio wishing you a Merry Holiday filled with Light & Hope!

Thank you for being here and continuing to bring beauty into our world!❤️

6 thoughts on “The Light Letters

  1. Phyllis Alden says:

    You have always brought inspiration via your emails, so I very much look forward to receiving your notes each Monday.
    Wishing you Bene Cose (All Good Things)

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Thank you so much Phyllis! I’m glad you will be joining me in the Letters of Light & Hope! I wish you many blessings this holiday season! I hope you are continuing to play the harp! I hope I have remembered that correctly. Enjoy!

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