The Pastor Prepares



He rises quietly at 4:30 am every Sunday. He sits in the Big Chair with laptop, Bible, and commentaries. All week long he’s been studying for this. And now comes the moment of truth.

It is much like the chef. The chef who has gathered, assembled, prepared all the items for the exquisite meal. Who now stands in the kitchen ready to put it all together. Will it be good? Will it come together on time?

It is much like the cyclist. The cyclist who has put in the miles and miles of road. Who now faces the mountain climb. Has he prepared enough? Will he make it to the top without crashing and burning?

It is much like the artist. The artist who has sketched the preliminary drawings. Who has created the thumbnails of compositions and color combinations. Who now stands at the easel in hopes that it will come together in a pleasing whole, a final work that will delight the recipient with Beauty.

It is the same for a Pastor. A Pastor who longs to feed his flock rich, substantive food. A Pastor who desires his people to remain faithful as they climb the mountain. Who wants them to be able to see their lives from heaven’s viewpoint. A Pastor who earnestly wishes his hearers to be captivated by the Beauty of Christ and to take that Beauty with them out into their daily lives.

The Pastor does this week in and week out. It can be exhausting and frustrating. But it is his calling, his art, his work. I look forward to it every week and today I will not be able to hear it in person. But I shall listen later this week when it gets posted to the website. If you have any interest in hearing good words for your soul, click here to listen to the Pastor, my pastor, my husband. xxxooo

*I thought I said I’d be scarce around blogland….??? I’ve been granted time this weekend as I care for my sick child. I am grateful.

**Here’s a pic of my early morning workspace. Thought you might like to see the glorious mess of it all!:)


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  1. Linda B. says:

    I was very happy to see your drawing that preceded the lovely painted version. Have you thought of doing a video of one of your paintings start to finish? It would be so cool to see the process – I just love your work. It is so fresh and happy.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Linda! I have thought of it many times…your encouragement may be just what I need to get me going. But after the Art Show! Thanks so much!

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