The Practical You vs. the You You

I used this phrase today whilst shopping for a new “purse”.  The Purse/Pocketbook/Handbag, whatever you call it, is an intensely personal thing that, for me, has to be JUST RIGHT.  The problem is…JUST RIGHT for WHO??  For the Practical Me? or the Me Me?  Practical Me is disgusted with my oversized, over-the-right-shoulder bag that slides off my shoulder within minutes, from which I can NEVER find my keys or my cell phone (until AFTER the person calling has hung up), and which has caused a build up of musculature on my right side from carrying,not only my mounds of stuff, but also that of my children! Can’t take it anymore! Practical me wants to return to my youthful cross-over the body handbag, not too little, but not too big either.  I want it to have an easily accessible pocket for my cell phone and keys on the OUTSIDE of the purse, and ample room for wallet, lipstick, etc. on the INSIDE.  I’d also like it to have room enough for a small sketchbook and a ball of yarn or two, and…ok, slow down now.  The Practical Me is morphing into the Me Me.  Me Me wants to be able to tote all my favorite things and have them with me wherever I go.  I’d really rather forgo the wallet, the keys, the “have-to” stuff to make room for my toys. And I want my tote to be colorful, lovely, soft feeling, attractive with all my outfits, and for it to “say” that special “je ne sais quoi” that I’ve always wanted my pocketbook to say.  I mean REALLY!  Who can find such a thing all rolled into one?  I haven’t, nor do I want to spend the time necessary scouring Winston-Salem and Greensboro to find it!  And I’m not much of an online buyer.  So, Kernersville, here I come.

Armed with a wee bit of Christmas money and an even smaller bit of time, I first pop in to Kohl’s.  Good ole, trusty Kohl’s.  I’ve found many a bargain and some wonderful garments here over the years.  Many of my previous handbags have come from here.  Some of them the Practical Me chose, and some of them the Me Me chose.  But we, as individuals, morph and change with time, and so must our purses!  After spending more time than I should’ve looking at every handbag there and draping several over my body, I found one, the only one of its kind left, that fit the bill for Practical Me.  It is a bit on the smallish side, but I decide that if it were much bigger, it would be too heavy filled with all my stuff, so I went with it in hopes that it will help me streamline what I actually carry around with me day to day.  Standing in the check-out line, something made me hesitate a bit and remember this cool shop just over the hill, so I asked the gal at the register to hold it for me for about a half hour and I dashed out the door.

I walk into The Wearable Planet, and there it is.  Me Me is going nuts!  Crossover the body handbag, a pocket on the outside, wonderful colors, a bit roomier to hold one or two of my toys as well as the have-to’s.  I try it on…mmm…voila!  I head to the register and tell the gal there that when it comes to pocket-book buying there’s the Practical You and the You You.  This one I have to buy for the You You, making a gesture to my heart.  Good grief!  She, of course, nods her head and smiles.  She may have thought I was loo-loo…no matter, I was happy to find this bag and couldn’t wait to fill it.

Yet as I drove out of the parking lot, I inexplicably drove back to Kohl’s.  The war within was raging…Practical Me had not won.  Practical me wanted its own handbag, and since the sale was so good, I gave in to Practical Me also.  Now there are two to choose from…perhaps one for everyday, one for dress-up.  One for play, one for work.  I don’t know.  Silly isn’t it?  But the two sides of me are content.  My stuff is now in the Me Me bag leaning against the Practical Me bag.  I’ll be giving it a test run when I pick up my daughter from school today.

Can’t wait!

0 thoughts on “The Practical You vs. the You You

  1. Ann says:

    I go through the same angst when trying to find the perfect bag. I love both of your choices! Do you think these are available online 🙂 Your watercolor is fabulous too!

  2. Raena says:

    I struggle with this ALL the time. I try to explain to my husband why I have so many purses–because none of them works just right! Maybe it is the artists who should be designing purses. It should be practical, yet colorful! I still haven’t found the perfect purse, but I did find one that’s close. At Kohl’s. It holds what I need it to, but it is a beautiful green!

  3. Phyllis says:

    What a struggle such choices are! My son gave me a small purse, which is gorgeous, and which I love, but which stretches out of shape if I try to put my sunglasses into it! Where oh where do I put my art spontaneity essentials…Moleskin Sketchbook, pens, camera! I’ve decided that when I meet Cameron for our periodic lunch dates, I’ll carry his gift with barest content into the restaurant, but my ‘real’ bag will be securely in the car. LOL

  4. Tag says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a practical & flamboyant side that bicker like little children! It’s nice when they both are happy!

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