The Real Intent Behind an Art Show


There are numerous reasons why artists want to have and be a part of Art Shows. One may be a very simple desire to recoup some of the cost that goes into the making of their creations. Another might be to go beyond that and actually make a profit. Some artists may wish to develop a following, extend their list of collectors. Others desire to receive favorable reviews of their technical expertise. But I have a feeling that most artists and creative folks have a desire and intent underlying all these things.


I cannot speak for every artist. But as for me, my real intent in having an Art Show is so that you might see what I see. Regardless of whether you walk out of the show with anything in your hands, my desire is that you might get a glimpse of the beauty, joy and wonder that has been found in living an everyday life in an everyday town. Sharing what I make is not about “See what I can do”, but rather “See what I have seen”, and “Revel in the beauty that’s right under our feet.”


(detail of larger Freeform Crochet Landscape)

Art Shows, museums, exhibits and galleries are meant to be reminders to us all that no matter how bleak life may seem, beauty still exists! If you find yourself fearful in the aftermath of the Paris tragedy, weighed down with personal concerns, heavy hearted with unwelcome news…go find an art showing somewhere. Spend some time taking in how that artist sees his/her world. Let that art speak to you and remind you of what is true, good, and wise. You just might leave with a lighter step, a brighter countenance, and hope for what lies ahead.


You Are Invited!

Jennifer Edwards

Annual Art Show & Book Signing

Saturday, November 21, 2015

4-7 pm

Southwinds Gallery

West Mountain Street. Kernersville, NC

*21 New Paintings *2 Embroidered Line Drawings *Freeform Crochet Landscape *New Card Sets *Book Signing *and more!

2 thoughts on “The Real Intent Behind an Art Show

  1. Genivee Stein says:

    Jennifer, I was searching for artists in the area to participate in our SECOND SATURDAY ART MARKET in Madison, NC beginning March 12, 2016. I would love to see you and I know that folks in the area would enjoy your wonderful quality works.

    Please contact me for details. I can send you an invitation/application which gives more details, but I’d love to talk with you, too. Please call at 336 613 3905.

    Genivee Stein

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Genivee! Thank you so much for your kind and generous offer to me to participate in this event! I am unable to be a part of it, but I wish you the best in finding artists to offer their work at the Art Market there in Madison. All the best! -Jennifer

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