The Second Pair

I’m still enjoying “knitter” paintings!  I’ve got a large canvas ready to go for the next one which will include two people knitting.  My inspiration for this one was my oldest daughter, or any teen girl knitting.  The colors are a bit jazzier than the last two, appropriate to the subject.  I completed this painting before Christmas and am just now getting around to sharing it with you.  I’m still putting Bic to paper and I’ll share some of these drawings soon….I just thought you might like a “color break”.  You know, like a “coffee break” in the middle of your day!

0 thoughts on “The Second Pair

  1. marie singer says:

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for your wishes. I am sketching and painting, but not as much as I would like to. I find it hard to keep up enthusiasm, although it’s what I like to do and have done since childhood.
    Your works show inspiration and the joy of recording your everyday world. This inspires me and shows me that I can continue on my own path…..
    I look forward to seeing your work week by week. It inspires me. So I wish you a healthy and happy new year and I must say I’m glad to have “found” you.
    I’ll post more paintings of my own in the coming months.


  2. Mom says:

    So, where did you get that mountain??? It might be Boone, since our mountains are either seen through a blanket of snow coming down or are almost invisible since their color blends into the grey sky –
    Just thought I’s let you know I put my toe in the water today, so you had best get busy —

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