The Thing About Knitting…

The difficult thing about knitting is that  i  t       i    s        s  o       s     l       o       w   .  Much like the Slow Food Movement, knitting or crocheting anything is truly the opposite of our instant gratification world.  Perhaps we need to have a Slow Clothes Movement, or Slow Gift Movement. Making anything is WAY slower than buying it, and if you have to make it stitch by stitch, then the going is even slower.  Sometimes this irritates me.  I get an idea and I want to be able to sit down and crank it out!  Nope.  Not  w  h   e    n     y   o    u      k       n        i         t    !

And yet…the awesome thing about knitting is that  i  t       i    s        s  o       s     l       o       w   .  Like drawing, I can almost feel my heartbeat slow down as I knit.  Click, click, c l i  c   k,  c  l   i     c      k… on and on, even if its only for a few rows.  I like the repetitive nature of it, especially when I’m not using a pattern with extensive instructions.  I’m still working on Brown Sweater.  Actually, I have all the knitting and assembly done.  Now I’m working on the embellishments.  Maybe by Christmas I’ll finish it.  Maybe.  Life has definitely ramped up a bit here in November and I know December won’t be any slower.

Unless I knit!  Do you think that between knitting and drawing, I could actually slow t  i   m   e      d    o     w      n   .    .    .    ?

I do wish it worked that way! 😉

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Jen I love your painting!!! And I love to knit, whether I’m making progress or not. I compare it to meditation, like a Catholicl who prays the rosary…it’s therapeutic. I almost hate when I finish a project, and I don’t mind frogging either. I just wish I could draw and paint as well as I can knit. :o)

    • jenpedwards says:

      I understand the therapy in knitting and in drawing! I hope you get lots of time to draw and knit over the holidays! Thanks for visiting!!

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