The Unbearable Lightness of Being



I woke to a chilly morning with sunlight streaming in our home and dancing around the landscape of our neighborhood. As I began to get things ready for Maddie to have breakfast and go off to school, I thought of this phrase…”the unbearable lightness of being”.  I’ve never seen the movie or read the book, but I did just look up what meaning might be attached to this phrase. And while I’m still uncertain as to its exact meaning, I gather the gist of “lightness” and “weightiness”, which is exactly what’s been going through my head.

This “lightness of being”, this joy upon waking to sunshine, the gladness to be alive and able to move around pain free… it is sometimes so exquisite or heavy that it could be described as “unbearable”.  I had this same feeling in the weeks following the birth of my children…a deep joy that comes out in tears, a feeling that one is too small or fragile to contain the hugeness of Beauty that’s been given. Such is my morning here in Kernersville, NC. Who am I to have been granted LIVING? As the weight of this thought falls on me, I feel a lightness that makes me want to stand up under it and fling paint, knit riotous colors, walk for miles and miles in the sunshine, and drink in the faces of my loved ones!

I’m wishing you a “lightness of being” kind of day! Maybe not “unbearable”, but definitely palpable and real!

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  1. maryo29 says:

    This is such an inspiring post! I’m so glad you are feeling better and I wish you more and more “lightness” to come!

  2. says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    The “weightiness” makes me think of the “Weightiness” of His Glory. It can float like a cloud, and yet it is heavy and comforting like a warm quilt in winter.

    Isn’t it SO like the Lord….His sweet Presence and Glory can be both!

    Love and blessings always sent to you…. Connie Prince Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  3. Denise Brown says:

    Rehabilitating myself, I loved your sentiments despite it being a cold gray day here in Melbourne. Don’t go and see the film though which I suffered through in the 80’s, as its characters are self indulgent in the extreme and come to a bad end!

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