They’re Here! They’re Here!

Ooh, they are finally here! And ready for you to obtain, if you’d like, over at the yarnworks site.  It is a set of 8 cards, 4 images (so you get 2 of each image) plus the envelopes of course!  They are blank on the inside so that you can use them for any occasion! They are a mere $16, plus shipping, and then tax for those of you who live in NC.  Isn’t that odd how only the North Carolinians have to pay the tax?  Well, be glad, if you live outside of my home state of NC. Anyway, I hope you like them.  You can see the four images here on the left.  These are original paintings in watercolor (yes, I said “watercolor”), ranging in size from 15″ x 22″ to 22″ x 30″.  I have been influenced and inspired by the work of Bob Lysiak and Skip Lawrence. I have taken workshops from them and learned to use watercolor in a thick, almost opaque manner.  The wonderful thing about using watercolor this way is that you still get the luminosity of watercolor (where the light bounces THROUGH the paint) as opposed to a flatter color like you have with acrylics.  I’m in the process of updating my artwork website, so you can see more work done in this style.  I love the large shapes as a perfect playground for all the color…the yummy, yummy color.

And now…to offer a FREE set of these cards to you!  Simply place a comment which includes your name, on this post sometime between now and Saturday, February 13th.  At that time, I will draw a randomly selected name from these commenters and I’ll post who the lucky winner is.  You must check back to see if you have won so you can “claim” your free set of cards.   Ooh, how fun is this?  OK, ready…set…go!

0 thoughts on “They’re Here! They’re Here!

  1. Revelle says:

    Jennifer, these are lovely! I never thought to use watercolor this way. You’d probably love gouache which is like watercolor but thicker and more opaque to begin with. Best of luck. I love the flower card the best!

  2. E*phi says:

    Oh, I love how colorful they are! I like the bananas and the cherry icecream best! (Wouldn’t eat them that green though 😉 )
    Pleeease, let me be the lucky one! ^-^

  3. Sherie says:

    These. Are. Just. Beautiful! All that color and it is vibrant and luminous. I have never seen watercolor done this way before. I hope you make lots of sales. 🙂

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