They’re out!

The first of my series of doll patterns to crochet have made it out, available on Maggie’ The sets are designed for 18″ dolls, like my daughter’s American Girl doll seen here.They “debuted” this Tuesday and I’m working on the next two outifits now. My youngest girl loves playing with them, especially the bunny and basket from the Ready for Spring set. I particularly like the French Girl set with her flowered beanie, flared pants and mary jane shoes. I spent a good part of my girlhood making dolls and doll clothes, so this feels quite natural and is lots of fun being a kid again.

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  1. The Gingerbread House says:

    Your dolls outfits were beautiful and I was happy to see them in person at the Guild meeting last night….also your jacket was to die for….good luck..Ginny B.

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