Thick & Thin

I love to play around with the thickness (and thinness) of pen lines.  I like to see how changing the pen line thickness within the same drawing adds a sense of depth or highlights the main subject or….

It’s totally fun! Try this:  Choose a thick line pen (I like a size 08 fineliner) for your main subject OR for the objects that are in the foreground.  Then choose a much smaller pen thickness (I use 01 fineliner, or 03) for all the stuff that surrounds your main subject, or for the items in the background.

THEN…switch it up!  Reverse that order and choose a tiny fineliner (01) for the main subject and the thicker pen (08) for the rest of it, or the background stuff.  Either way, you get this cool way of indicating depth and focus…ALL WITH LINE!!!!  Whheeeeee!!!!!!

P.S. Oh wait…is this a mini-lesson? Nah.  Just a tip to try.  You might like it!

P.P.S.  Oh, and this is more work play from the drawing group that meets at Barnhill’s Bookstore.  Too fun!

P.P.P.S.  Tune in Friday for Drawing Your Life Mini Lesson #4!!!  More stuff to fuel the fire for drawing.  I hope.:)

0 thoughts on “Thick & Thin

  1. anntnem says:

    I am always so impressed with just how much you can convey with contour and gesture line in your drawings. Whenever I get out my pens to draw I am left with the feeling that they are too much, too dark and heavy, too many lines. I will try to remember your tip about pen sizes. And I probably need a good coach to get me to stop before I over do.everything!

  2. Dr Cornelius Snorter says:

    Both drawings are great. The boldness of the thicker line brings that part forward. The thinner lines suggesting distance. Great fun!
    Looking forward to your Friday Mini Lesson – it is becoming a regular part of the week.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Inspired by your people sketches – not posting because I also jot doctor notes on the pages, but I can see some improvements already. Will do something today while waiting for dh’s procedure to be over & will post that. I love this “work”, this “escape”, and the gifts of patience and ability to breathe while waiting…AND the visible improvement in my skills. It’s just all good! 😀

  4. freebirdsings says:

    Sounds like you are having a fun day! I had noticed the different line thickness on some of your drawings and wondered if you’d gone back in with the bolder line afterwards. This sounds like a better way.

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