Those who inspire…

I’m going to begin writing about various artists who have inspired me over the years, and who continue to inspire me.  They are a varied lot.  I seem to jump around in styles, methods, and mediums–perhaps the only thing consistent with the kind of art I want to make is its inconsistency.  It is said that variety is the spice of life…I personally know this to be true when it comes to art.  So today’s artist is Alex Powers.  I mention him first, not because he is #1 on my list, but because I thought of his work today and have been playing around with some sketches that nod to his style.spring-art-038 Mr. Powers has an excellent book, Painting People in Watercolor, in which he harps on the abstract qualities of a painting even when you are rendering something realistically.  And you must visit his website,  I love his use of charcoal, watercolor and gouache. And of course, his riveting rendering of faces!  spring-art-040

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