Thoughts on this Gray Dreary Day


Sun of Yore


I woke and sunshine filled the room
Though dark, memories of sun pervaded the gloom
For yesterday, the world was bright
Warm rays danced on all in sight.


Yet as I stepped outside my door
A tinkling sound heard too often before
Ushered in the gray of winter days
Snuffing nearly all my inner rays.


Would that I could keep the sun of yore
No matter what greets me outside the door.
I’ll set what spark I have upon the hill
And gaze intently with all my will.



0 thoughts on “Thoughts on this Gray Dreary Day

  1. freebirdsings says:

    I agree with Jacquie that the poem is a ray of sunshine all by itself calling us to make our own sunshine no matter the weather! Nice picture – it makes me think of taking time to mull things over and gather that sunshine within to save for less than sunny times.

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