Three Cheshire Grins

Big doings in the Edwards household these days…

All three kids wearing smiles as wide as their faces…

I’d have to say…I am too! 🙂

**A Note about the Mini Lessons starting this Friday!!  I’m a little overwhelmed by everyone’s enthusiasm…and so I’m afraid maybe you might be thinking this will be like an interactive online class.  Sadly, no, these little lessons on Drawing Your Life will merely be a blog post.  Albeit filled with drawings/paintings/etc. (by me:) and encouragements by me, there will be no YouTube videos to watch or interactive lesson to tune into at a specific time.  I’m just posting on Fridays something that will, I hope, aid you in your endeavor to chronicle your life in images.  There will be minimal instruction on specific drawing techniques.  I hope this isn’t disappointing to anyone.  I just wanted to be clear.  I re-read my previous post, If I taught You to Draw, and yep, sure ‘nough, it spells it out pretty well.

Gosh, it sounds like I’m really dampening the prospects of these Mini-Lessons.  I just have to tell you I .AM. SO. EXCITED. ABOUT. THISSS!!!!

0 thoughts on “Three Cheshire Grins

  1. Caroline says:

    One of my must read art blogs is simply short sentences about a small specific aspect of painting, and its great! The bite sized bits of info are not overwhelming and are very useful, so please don’t think everyone’s expecting a full-on course – they are often simply too hard to fit into a busy life. What you have planned sounds great, and I’m sure your readers will appreciate the time you have taken out of your busy life to do this for us. And that will be why people are so excited about it!

  2. Jane A says:

    Jennifer, the original post about the lessons was super clear and your keen readers are just really looking forward to you sharing snippets and suggestions, fear not – and we are excited too, but don’t want you to feel pressured!
    Jane xxx
    ps love the pictures of your lovely children

  3. Phyllis says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with all of the above! Perfectly described, and just the right bits.
    Thank you for your reply – had vision issues, all in the past now 😀

  4. freebirdsings says:

    Yikes! Two new drivers at once? While I was quite sure I could handle anything back when I got my license at sixteen, I now know how little I really knew then. My grandson will be getting his license hopefully when he turns 18. With severe ADHD, I am a bit worried for him.

    Your pictures are wonderful. The kids ought to get a print framed with their passing test paper when they get their licenses! Does Maddie have knew braces?

  5. raenassketchbook says:

    Love the three grins! Wonder what everyone is so happy about!?

    The class is exactly what I thought…though the thought of you doing videos etc would be exciting!

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