Three Loves


In writing, I am led.

In drawing, I am drawn to my life.

In knitting, I am assured that all will be knitted into a beautiful whole.


Three things I love. Three things I seem to need desperately:

*to feel led; like a child who is led by her Father’s hand. Writing is one of the most powerful ways I experience this leading.

*to be drawn to my life, the everyday of it, the fantastic and the flimsy. Drawing my life opens my eyes to see the amazing life I’ve been given.

*to be assured and comforted that nothing that happens to me and my family is random or senseless. That all will be worked into a beautiful tapestry one day.

I am grateful for these three things.

What are you grateful for today?


P.S. I am purposing to post more here on KnitterlyArts because that is where my heart is drawn these days. Those of you who follow me there may or may not follow my Drawn2Life blog and therefore may not know that every Friday morning I draw downtown in my small town of Kernersville, NC. During the cold months, when we can’t be outside at the Gardens or other downtown haunts, we draw at Eclection, a marvelous artisan spot. Yesterday, my daughter joined Debbie and I. So while she knit her Hitchhiker Shawl with AndreSueKnits hand-dyed yarn, we drew her.


6 thoughts on “Three Loves

  1. freebirdsings says:

    I remember sitting in a religious class for catechists years ago when a woman who was knitting as the teacher, a priest, was lecturing suddenly could be heard saying “Oops”. The priest stopped and asked why she said oops and she explained she’d just realized she’d dropped a stitch. He didn’t miss a beat but dove right into the bible where God says we were knit together in the womb. The priest said those dropped stitches and so on must be what makes us all unique. I’ve never forgotten that. I have forgotten everything else about the class but not how the words in the bible came to life that day! I thought this story fit with your post just now.

    I am glad your daughter is enjoying doing her own thing while being with you and your friend. This is the part that makes their growing up and away a good thing. Now they become friends by choice and that is most certainly a pleasure!

    • jenpedwards says:

      What a wonderful story, Timaree! Thank you for sharing that with me. I have so enjoyed my children over this holiday. We just celebrated Maddie’s 13th birthday on the 4th of January and her friend party was Friday. Now the holidays are officially over. Catherine, the oldest, goes back to college on Monday morning. So thankful to have spend touch wonderful time with all of them. Hope you are enjoying a spot of knitting and/or drawing these days!

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