Through Yarn and Pen


I am blessed beyond measure.

I feel it greatly today. Something about that rich green ball of yarn…turned a switch in me. That I am loved. That I have so many TO love. That I’ve been given much. And I have an overwhelming desire to give much. Gratitude stirred in a heart because of a ball of yarn??

Ciener Greens

I feel it too when I draw, slather watercolor into paper. Something wells up inside of me–this life is a gift. My life is something to treasure, not merely endure. I am a recipient of grace.


This is what I hear when yarn slips through my fingers. A song of gratitude. The needles keep rhythmic time as the tune courses through my veins. When I draw lines, it’s as if a bow is being drawn across the strings of a violin–first soft and low, then growing stronger as the tune takes shape on the page. And when watercolor splashes, it is the cymbals of a crescendo: thanks and gratitude mingling in song and I’m singing along with it.

I am not the maestro even though I hold the needles and the pen. It’s a song from another world that comes to me through these humble instruments. And so I play on, knitting and drawing, to remember just how blessed I am!

4 thoughts on “Through Yarn and Pen

  1. freebirdsings says:

    That was a very nice paean! I need to learn from people like you how to be more grateful for what I have. Is this song going in your next poetry book? You know, the one with a poem or meditation on one page and a pattern for knitting, crochet or drawing on the next? A book to encompass all of your talents? I will be first in line for it!…..

    • jenpedwards says:

      Oh my Timaree…what a delightful comment! I think you may be onto something there in the book idea.:) I do so appreciate your supportive friendship and I sincerely hope you are enjoying some creative time these days.

  2. Bill Gatton says:

    Freebirdsings was so eloquent I cannot say anything more than to say the greatest gift you can ever give is to share your soul. For that I say thank you..

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