I am realizing anew that there’s a time for every season under heaven.


(photography courtesy of Hazel Kuehn Photography)

There’s a time for celebrating.

And a time for grieving the passing of an era.


There’s a time for illness.

And a time for healing.


There’s a time for making marks.

And a time for white open pages.


There’s a time for stitching.

And a time for ripping out.


(photography courtesy of Hazel Kuehn Photography)

There’s a time for gathering.

And a time for letting go.


There’s a time for making the usual.

And there’s a time for trying something new.


There’s even a time for going to the beach.

I’m glad it’s that time!

I’m ready for it. I need it.

Looking forward to being with family and the restorative sound of the waves, warm sand in my toes, and days of walking, reading, stitching, drawing…

or not.

There will be time for everything.

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    Ah, a beautiful song and divine truth.

    “To everything turn, turn, turn.
    There is a season turn, turn, turn.
    And a time for every purpose under heaven.”

    May your Summer be blessed with all you need and desire and much, much more than you imagine.

      • Cheryl Wright says:

        To people in temperate countries it may seem as if we have Summer all year round here in the West Indies. We have just two seasons DRY – January to June and WET/RAINY – July to December. The dry season usually has its fair share of rain and the rainy season enjoy copious amounts of hot sunny days. Oh well, maybe it is Summer all year round after all. So thank you Jennifer.

  2. Ed Pilkington says:

    I’m a time study man, and a time study man can’t waste time.
    For a time study man to waste time,is a crime.
    So i’m ruled by the tick tick tock.
    And i live my life by the clock.
    I live my life by the tick tick tock of the clock.
    Ihen i go to sleep, I don’t undress.
    That’s right, I sleep in all my clothes.
    I must confess.
    Sure it’s a strange way to behave.
    And I will admit that the suit gets mussed and it gathers lint and it picks up dust,
    but think of the time I save.
    Think of the time he saves.
    The alarm clock rings, it’s 6 AM.
    And then right there in bed I shave.
    That’s what I said. while I am still in bed, I shave.
    And the lather drips and the bed gets wet and oh what a lousy shave I get,
    But think of the time I save.
    Think of the time he saves.
    At breakfast time, I grab a bowl.
    And in the bowl I drop an egg, and add some juice.
    A poor excuse for what I crave.
    And then I add some oatmeal too and it comes out tasting just like glue,
    But think of the time I save.
    Think of the time he saves.
    Tick tock, tick tock, tempus fugit.
    Tick tock, tick tock time goes by.
    I’ll be sitting counting seconds til the day I die.
    And when I do, I have a plan.
    Before I’m dead, I’ll dig my grave.
    That’s what I said. Before I’m dead I’ll dig my grave.
    ‘Cuz when St. Peter calls my name,
    I know I’ll get there just the same but think of the time I’ll save.
    Think of the time he’ll save.
    (Closing Music)
    [Thanks to embily718@excite.com for lyrics]
    Soundtrack Lyrics – http://www.stlyrics.comTThe Pajama GameThink Of The Time I Save Lyrics

    Copy url


  3. Pat G. says:

    When I saw the family photo, I was wondering where you were . . . then I realized that the woman with the glasses and the lovely crocheted overdress *was* you!!! You look fabulous and I love the outfit. Enjoy your time on the beach! And thanks for showing your art journal pages . . . because I needed to see that not every page needs to be “structured.”

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