To Crop or Not to Crop

That is the question! Well, one of many questions, but one that gives me a bit of pause AFTER I’ve finished the painting.  Most of the other questions that bang around in my head are BEFORE and DURING a painting.  The above image is cropped to its’ 4″ x 6″ intended size I had drawn out on the paper prior to going outside to paint.  But here’s what it looks like SANS croppage:

There’s something about those peripheral edges I love! I’ve always been drawn 2 to uncropped edges…they seem to show the “made-by-a-human-being” ness.  They show the artist’s “hand” as it were, the effervescence, the leaping off the page…as if the colors just can’t be contained by arbitrary boundaries.  Oh how I love that.

Oh how I want that in my inner life as well as my paint life.

0 thoughts on “To Crop or Not to Crop

  1. E*phi says:

    I personally really like the “messy edges” and wouldn’t crop it. I think they add a lot of interest to the picture. And, as usual, I’m amazed by your fantastic choice of colors! <3

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