To Knit or To Crochet?


That is the question these days…  I have something on my needles and something going on the hook. A reveal will come one day! Probably the crocheted item before the knitted sweater.  But we shall see!


My little tree in the studio needs a tree skirt.  This idea grabbed hold of me yesterday, on my self-declared snow day (intended to make me slow down the rat race and get off the perpetual merry-go-round) and wouldn’t let go.  I hope to finish it soon and possibly offer a free pattern for any of you who have a little tree who needs some crocheted color ’round it!

On another note:  Do you see my lightbulb ornaments?  Maddie and I made these a couple of years ago, having saved our burned out lightbulbs, painting them with acrylic paints and affixing a wire and ribbon to them!  You can do this with all sizes and shapes of lightbulbs (see the tiny one over on the left?)  I just added the little wire Wise Men (you see one of them here) yesterday.  They were on a card my mom had given me a few Christmases ago.  They needed to be displayed somehow!

It’s funny what you can find to hang on your tree with a little alteration and imagination!


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