Top O’ the Hill

So, if you’ve been able to follow along my blog posts, you’ll know that I painted this BEFORE the previous three watercolors.  I actually got OUT OF MY YARD and went to the top of our neighborhood to sit in some shade and paint a view down Silver Dapple Lane.  Isn’t that a wonderful name for a lane?  It’s perhaps one of my most favoritest streets in the world.  I could truly paint there for months on end and not run out of lovelies to paint.

I continue to enjoy the watercolor underpainting that peeks through the pastel.  In my head I want to use more subdued, true-to-reality colors.  But somehow, when I pick them up, I put the subdued colors back in my box and reach for the yummier ones.  I end up with something that may be bordering on garish, hovering on “too much”, edging up to “frenetic”.  Well. If so, then maybe I’ll just be content with that.

Perhaps our art mirrors our lives.  And instead of  trying to wrestle our art into looking like something else, perhaps we should just let it be.  Life often feels like it borders on garish, hovers on being “too much”, and edges right up to, if not flat-out IS: frenetic!

Well, at least it’s COLORFUL!

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