Touch of Color

Though this sketch was made in the Fall, it reminds me of what’s going on right now in our neck of the woods.  Color is peeking out of the winter grays here and there! And it’s only the beginning of March!  Daffodils dapple the gray-brown landscape like watercolor splashes, and cherry, plum, and even some pear trees are blooming like torches in a murky world.

This drawing is of my back yard, with the water feature in the bottom right-hand corner.  Autumn light, as the sun was setting, tipped only portions of the bushes lining the yard between us and our neighbor.  Long shadows crept into our yard from tall cryptomeria (sp?) trees off to the right, undrawn.

I’ll make a drawing (or two or three) of the lovely touches of spring color happening in my neighborhood.  I’ve been working on a REALLY, REALLY exciting Baby Step which I hope to reveal to you very soon!!!  Oh, I do hope you like it!  It has quite a few little Baby Steps within it, but I’m having so so much fun with each one.  Today was THE MOST FUN part of the project:  spending time with a dear friend whose computer skills are astronomical and who so graciously teaches me the elementary stuff.  Our working lunch was just what I needed today…friendship, great conversation, shared lives (our daughters are besties and will be graduating from high school in a couple of months!!!), PLUS the ability to learn what I needed for the next step in this awesome project.  Well, I think it will be.

Thank you Amy!!!  And to all of you who visit here.  May your weekend be full of touches of color, whether it’s in spring blooms or white fluffy snow or indoor beauty!

P.S. I just realized I have posted this sketch before, here.  Oh well.  I had it in a folder of sketches I had labeled “unblogged”.  Might be time to go through that file and weed out the ones that have been posted.  Well…you can enjoy once it again!

0 thoughts on “Touch of Color

  1. Jane A says:

    Well, I hadn’t seen it before – and was very glad to get the chance! It’s lovely. Thanks for all your inspiring posts – and look forward to the babystep when it’s ready!

  2. Anchesa Kyamara says:

    Wow, I just came across your blog and I am overwhelmed by so much beauty, colours and cuteness. Gorgeous artwork.

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