Tour Frenzy!


If I were able to pick a time to convalesce, this would be it…during the three weeks of the Tour de France! Oh how I love watching the cycling, the French countryside and towns, imagining myself being there with my bike, on the side of the road somewhere with a baguette and a hunk of Camembert or some other delectable cheese. This year is particularly exciting with Lance Armstrong coming out of retirement to ride and “to win”, he says. This drawing, unfinished, from a Bicycling magazine advertisement, shows Lance and his arch nemesis (and teammate!), Alberto Contadour. The first week has proved there is going to be a struggle between these two.


This is drawn from another photo in Bicycling, one of Dave Zabriski and others probably from a previous Tour. I have made many paintings, large and small, of cyclists- famous ones and humble ones (my husband to be exact). I also try my hand at sketching while it is going on, with not great results, but it is fun to try to catch at least the gesture.

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