Tree Trimming


There have been many new followers here on Drawn2Life this year. I want to welcome ALL of you! I am really so glad you are here! I’m hoping those of you who have been with me for a while won’t mind a few poems written from past holidays.  I love pulling them out along with all our decorations for our home. We decorated our tree the day after Thanksgiving and put up all the other festive decor sprinkled here and there throughout the house. Lots of fun!

But it also makes me a bit weepy. Memories come flooding in with each ornament we hang on the tree. And with every decoration there’s a story. I thought of this poem, written last year one evening as I gazed at our decorated tree which didn’t yet have presents under it. I hope you enjoy this poem as well as any holiday traditions you might enjoy with your family this week!

P.S. The above drawing was made with one line, from the angel to the bottom of the tree. See if you can follow it!:)

A Christmas Line

If you followed a line from the angel on your tree
All the way down to where presents should be

Would you revisit  memories of the years gone by
Curling ‘round ornaments with a twinkle in your eye?

Would you find yourself there when your babies were born?
When they made preschool ornaments, now shabby and torn?

Would you see faces of friends who made or gave one to you?
Would you relive your childhood, tracing baubles from then too?

And as your line meandered through santas and stars,
Penguins and trees, toy trains and cars…

Would you find ‘neath your tree more gifts than you could count?
Dazzled by the ache as your memories mount?

Your line would’ve found, from the angel to the earth
A trove of presents that fill you with mirth.

Though the tree will soon fill with wrapped boxes underneath
They can never surpass what I’ve already received.


0 thoughts on “Tree Trimming

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Love that one line tree. Yes, yes, I can see the past. I plan to draw a couple of my ornaments today. They came from my parent’s collection and after my dad died I brought a few home to keep. I have ornaments that were given by my sisters as years ago we didn’t have the money for gifts for everyone so we traded ornaments. Mine and one sister’s were handmade while a couple other sisters combined handmade with ornaments from where they were stationed by the U.S. army. I have an ornament my 45 year old nephew made for me and a simple foil covered cardboard bird (stained with yellow varnish) that I made as a young teen. I have ornaments made by my kids and my grandkids. My tree is the treasure as you say, before any presents collect under it (not that any will as we celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my daughter’s). I think I may give the one line tree a try. Could I copy your poem to add to my page (citing you as the author, of course)?

    I will get the review of your Letters To An Artist on Amazon. I just have not had the time to read beyond the first letter yet!

    • jenpedwards says:

      I’d love to see your drawings of these ornaments Timaree! And of course, you can share the poem! Thanks for always being such an encouragement. And would you believe…that is my dad who often comments with a poem of his own. I’m pretty sue I got the rhyming gene from dad! Have a great day Timaree!!!!

  2. Carole says:

    Delightful poem and oh, so true … if only we take the time to enjoy it all and to think about what we are doing instead of worrying about whether the dog has to go out or what to have for dinner! I had a friend once who created a different tree every year, a theme if you will, different color, different ornaments (all new) … no chance for any memories there! Our tree is a story of our lives, all the places we have been, gifts we have received, ornaments we have given or purchased in our travels or painted with the kids. Christmas is way more than shopping on Black Friday!

  3. Anna says:

    Love this poem, and the sketch! You inspire me to work harder at sketching. And you crochet and knit too? Lol. You were serious about kindred spirit. Although these days I have to pick and choose, more often choosing the easel. Your blog is delightful. 🙂

  4. Diane says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    You are an inspiration and although I do not share all of your beliefs I truly enjoy coming here. Your blog is lovely and I recognize in you a good person tying to live a giving life.
    Wish I could draw and splash paint like you do. And I wish you the best of health and the very best for your family this upcoming holiday season.


    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you so very much Diane! It I my hope that people of all walks of life and belief will feel welcome here! I am so glad you visit my blog and that you took the time to comment today! A very merry Christmas to you as well!! Thank you again!

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