Trilling the Morning Awake


I sit on our back deck and drink in the morning symphony. The hidden musicians have taken their places on every branch in every tree around me. They chirp and trill the morning awake inviting me to join in their song:

“We are here! Let us rejoice!”


May you hear this song today and join in the throng using whatever creative instrument you have at hand, be it pen, brush, knitting needle, voice, guitar, clay…

7 thoughts on “Trilling the Morning Awake

  1. sandra dorey says:

    Beautiful! Both words and picture. Just love the delicacy and lightness of the painting. It inspires me to give it a go.

    I sat in a damson orchard in full bloom today, with sheep and lambs all around me:
    Lambs bleat
    Birds sing
    Swallows swoop
    Here is Spring!

  2. Timaree says:

    I’m going to a christening and spending time with family today so I guess my song will be made with “chattering”! : )

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