Try This…

Before going on a trip, say to the beach with your daughter for her 16th birthday, or to Asheville for a weekend getaway, or just to errands around town, try this!

Paint with watercolor on your sketchbook papers BEFORE HAND.  Have no thought as to what you’ll eventually draw there.  Just use colors you love, smoosh them around on the page, splatter them, use a bit of white gouache if you want and let dry.  Take your sketchbook and just a drawing implement (pen or pencil, marker, what-have-you) or two.  Then, when the notion strikes, draw ON TOP OF what you painted.  You’ll love how the abstracty painting underneath works in with your drawing without you even having to make that happen!  It’s SO COOL!  Then, when you get home, you can deepen the colors a bit in places, or add a few more splashes here and there, or not.

Both of these were done in this manner.  And on this page here.  Pretty neato, huh?

**Nearing the end of my Handbook Journal, begun a loong time ago.

***Come to my workshop on the 3rd of March and I’ll show you how to do this, plus many other ideas for celebrating your life visually in a journal!

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