As the seasons turn, so do my drawing habits. What was in winter an every other day thing, is now a daily compulsion perhaps akin to all the growing things bursting through the ground these days. Spring has always been a time when I long to be in my sketchbooks more, to be outside painting the daffodils, or to go to the Ciener Botanical Gardens to draw whatever is in bloom.

There have been a lot of gray rainy days thus far this spring. Though it is only March and there are many more days of spring weather and growth, I grow weary of the yo-yo weather. I remind myself of the purpose of the rain and all its benefits, while also drawing whatever is indoors or just out the window since I know that poor weather need not dampen my sketching enthusiasm. Drawing every day puts me in a flow of ideas and helps focus direction more than anything else I know. I am grateful for this lifelong love for making lines on a page.

The turning of the seasons, and therewith my creative attentions, can feel somewhat disorienting. I am embracing it this time around by allowing myself to consider that all of this is just how nature would have it. Perhaps my own shifts in what I want to grow in my sunroom studio, reflects the natural arc of a garden where certain plants thrive in spring and others in summer while yet others in autumn or even winter. To allow myself a dormancy period is excruciating for me, but perhaps it is needful for the health and well-being of the garden and even the gardener herself.

Like the pear, plum, and cherry trees in our neighborhood, I too am bursting with colorful drawings which will soon give way to full green sketchbooks. My head is swimming with ideas for drawings and I can’t wait to get out to the gardens with pens and paints in hand. Bertie is excited too! If we can just weather the gray days, we will be alright…there is sunshine behind all the gray! We only have to wait for the weather to turn.

See you soon with more sketches and drawings from the Garden here in my studio sunroom!

2 thoughts on “Turning

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Jill! It is lovely to hear from you! It made me wonder I haven’t seen your posts on IG and when I went to look, it is apparent that the algorithm has not been showing me your posts for a while now. I am caught up now somewhat and loved seeing your junk birds, and other beautiful things beginning to happen in your tank garden. Happy Spring to you as well! -Jennifer

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