Un Grand Merci!

At the end of 2011 I was delighted to receive from WordPress, the year-end review of statistics and what-not about this blog, Drawn2Life.  When I clicked on the link they sent, there were fireworks and all kinds of delightful and amazing stats that I had no idea this little blog had garnered.

If you’d like to see the fireworks too, click here. (This will take you to another blog post of mine, and you can click the link there for the report.)

But the most amazing stat, was the list of top commenters.  WOW. Alex Tan logged in 88 comments last year! Timaree posted 62, Raena and Nancy 52, with Sandra close behind at 49.  WWWOOOWWW!!! What a gift these folks are.   And I know for a fact these dear ones post comments all over our EDM friends’ blogs!  They are so faithful to encourage us, to send a note of praise, or just their thoughts.  They are amazing!!  And I do not know how to thank them other than to say…Merci.  Merci de mon coeur!!

As a gift to Alex, I have drawn his portrait here.  And I’ll be sending him the original by mail. Thank you Alex, for all you do in our EDM community to 1) lead the way with your own wonderful drawings and 2) cheer us all on in our drawings and paintings!  You are dear to us all!!  If you have benefitted by Alex’s comments on your blog, why not send him a note via email or comment on his blog your thanks for his faithful viewing and commenting. His kind words have meant so much to me, and I know to many of you as well!!

And to ALL of you who took time out from your busy lives to send a few words…I am truly grateful!

Un grand merci a tout le monde!

0 thoughts on “Un Grand Merci!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Timaree you are so appreciated by me and everyone who receives your thoughtful comments! I’m glad the portrait looks like Alex…it was fun to draw from his “profile pic”, even though it was kinda tiny.

  1. Alex Tan says:

    I was in shock and speechless when I scrolled down. My hands are still shaking from joy really =) This is really too much for me and I can’t say enough to thank you.
    It’s a pleasure to be able to see all the beautiful drawings created by EDMers, and joining the group to me was the best thing ever. I’d love to leave comments on every single post if possible, but sometimes things in real life get in the way.
    This is just amazing, I can’t believe there’s an actual post about me on a blog….
    The drawing is fantastic! I’ll be sending you an email with my current mailing address. As you already knew, I move a lot and I am just hoping for the day that the moving will stop….for good. ^^

    • jenpedwards says:

      I’m so glad this brought you some joy! As your visits and comments bring so much joy to myself and to so many others on their blogs! Have a wonderful day Alex!

  2. ann says:

    I recognized Alex immediately – and what a wonderful gift! And deserving, as you say, he is such a gift to all of us. I am always excited to see what comment Alex has left for me on my posts!

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