Wandering Thoughts

If you’re unable to follow the “line” of thinking in the above sketch, you’ll have a peak into how my brain works sometimes:  disjointed, disconnected, wandering, incomprehensible.

This page was made on the way back from a weekend in Asheville where I wandered in and out of gallery after gallery, fine arts, fine crafts everywhere!  It was inspiring!

At first.

Then, after about the 5th gallery, I began to feel the ever-familiar smallness.  Like Alice in Wonderland, I began shrinking in my estimation of myself and my art.  Who DO I think I am anyway? Why even try?  What’s it all for?  If I had only stuck with one avenue of artistic expression, I really could’ve done something with my life!  Here’s just a bit of what my life has encompassed since I was a child:  violin, dance, theatre, painting, drawing, sewing, doll-making, knitting, crocheting, pottery, writing.  By the end of the weekend, Alice was wandering around in a daze barely able to move.

But thankfully, Alice drank the magic potion to grow back to normal size.  That magic potion is creativity!  Getting back to sketching, drawing, even just writing on top of a previously painted page was just the ticket I needed to get back in the groove.  And THAT’S when the idea to bring Genevieve to life came marching into my head!

It’s an interesting truth I discover over and over again:  Creativity cures wandering thoughts, straightens out confusing paths, makes sense of what seems like a mess.  I need it EVERY DAY!

0 thoughts on “Wandering Thoughts

  1. Timaree (freebird) says:

    I have felt like this too! Overwhelmed by what all those “real” artists are doing! But the need to create is strong and I get back to doing what I do which may not be the best in any of my many ways but it’s MY way and I try to remember that God put each of us here to be a unique expression of him rather than just aping someone else. If we are going to copy, let’s take a cue from the originator of everything and do it our way. (Actually, I needed to be reminded of this just now, thanks).

  2. raena says:

    Hmmm…I have pages and pages of things like this! Sometimes I can’t just draw first; this has to come out in order to move on. For me, anyway!

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