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A few small to the world, big to me, changes are being made ’round here.  One is a rearranging of subject headings on my website.  Drawing & Painting (a link to this blog) is now front and center.  I now have a button for you to click to go straight to my Art Videos.  And there’s a special spot for Commissioned Art.

The link to Genevieve’s blog, my Etsy shop, Flickr, and my About page remains the same.  So nothing huge.  But I’m letting go of the yarnworksbyjennifer site, to offer most of my knit & crochet patterns through the Etsy shop, called Drawn2Shoppe.

Speaking of the Etsy shop, there are a few changes being made there as well! You can see it in the banner here! VERY SOON, I will be offering ORIGINAL artwork via this online venue.  I am very excited to be getting back into offering my artwork for sale.  This is something I used to do regularly, years ago, on a local basis through exhibits and home shows.  I have a renewed outlook that my art is not a money-making venture, but rather something to share with others, both through my blog AND for them to own, should they so choose.  To that end, prices will be kept as low as I can, to offer a little spot of Beauty from my life to yours!

More to come on that later! For now, enjoy browsing around the links on my website portal.  And if you felt so inclined, would you share it with a friend?

Thank you. Thank you!

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  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Jen, great new look, but I have been unable to get any link to work for the moment! Isn’t there always teething trouble when you change things around, lol? I’ll pop back later when things are sorted. Congrats on the new move and I hope it brings you happiness and fulfillment, as well as a little money; you already share so much with us for free!

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