What I Have to Give

When the basket passes by, I often wish I could give something other than money.  Not that I always have that to give.  We’ve been taught that, MORE than our money, God wants our Hearts.  So I often imagine my own little self inside that basket, being whisked away for use in His Kingdom.

I don’t often talk about my faith straight on, here on this blog. This is purposeful, since I really want folks from all walks of life to find something here that encourages them, either in life, or in drawing, or both maybe.  But I think it is universal to artists of all kinds to want to give in some way through their art, no matter what their faith background.

About fifteen years ago, I ravenously read through, studied, highlighted, underlined, absorbed, mulled over, ingested, and rejoiced in Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way.  The above affirmation was enlightening to me, for I had never really thought that my creativity could be a gift back to God, in gratitude for all that He has given me.  You can find her 10 Basic Principles, of which the above is number 5, on page 3 of her book.

In a very real sense, this blog is the basket in which I place my drawings/paintings/writings and other various creative ventures.  It is a very small way of putting my heart ALL IN with gratitude.

It is, quite literally, what I have to give, along with all the rest of who I am.

0 thoughts on “What I Have to Give

  1. Carol says:

    Jennifer, your daddy recomended I read your blog. I am grateful for your “placing yourself in the basket”… will probably read more. Though we have not shared much time together, we have got to be dear sisters with everything we share and love in common!
    Thanks for sharing your heart and your journey
    Carol from Boone- alias singingclay:)

  2. Claire says:

    Beautiful thoughts. You’ve just inspired me to dig out my copy of that book which is in some pile of books in my house. It sounds like I would really enjoy going through it at this point in my life. Thanks for your sharing.

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