What R U Drawn 2?

We all find ourselves “drawn” to certain things:  maybe we have an inexplicable love for classical music, or we might secretly enjoy salsa dancing, or perhaps we can’t get enough of drawing and painting.  Genevieve has lots of things she’s drawn to…dancing is just one of them.  The others will be “drawn about” in upcoming posts.

Oftentimes I reflect that I’m not just drawn to these things, but in a very real sense, was made for these things.  As if a hand were at work creating my likes and dislikes, my passions and creative whims.  I like to think that Someone is having a grand ole time “drawing” me, as I’m “drawn” to so many wonderful things, like flowers and the French language, colors and crayons.

What are you drawn to?

0 thoughts on “What R U Drawn 2?

  1. Timaree says:

    Drawn to create. Knitting, drawing, beading, painting and baking (not cooking or housekeeping though). Such a neat little picture. It makes me think of my granddaughter who is learning ballet (after competitional gymnastics proved too hard for her skinny little asthmatic body) but whose grandma thinks she’d be a great drawer with half a try.

  2. raena says:

    I’m drawn to sketching, hiking, mountain biking, reading, and traveling! There is probably more, but one thing that I’m not drawn to (perhaps I wish I were, but since I do it so badly!) is dancing! 😀

  3. Deborah says:

    I love this post! I’m drawn to sitting in coffee shops; blogging, journaling, reading, creating ART, color, surrounding myself with books and papers and pens and art supplies. I’m drawn to zinnias and sunflowers and daisies. BOOKS! the old fashioned kind, not Nook or Kindle 🙂 I’m drawn to sitting quietly watching the birds. I’m drawn to your blog and your art, Jennifer – I just love it! It’s filled with exuberance and inspiration.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank yo so so much, Deborah, for your kind words! I’m drawn to a lot of the same things you are drawn to! Kindred spirits, I’m sure!

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