What’s Cookin’ …


Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist with all the various creative things I have going on. But perhaps it’s a bit more like being a chef…lots of pots simmering on top of the stove, with one or two things baking in the oven.


Lest you think I’ve abandoned my beloved yarn, I am always working on something either knitted or crocheted, or as I am now, BOTH!  Mwahaha!!! (Mad scientist laugh!) I have been knitting a few rows here, a few there, on my sock when I go to doctor or dentist appointments with the kids. It’s my “to-go” project!


And recently I decided I needed some Christmas bunting…so I’m working on these happy crocheted stars in various yummy colors! I’m using THIS free pattern. I’ll show you when it’s done … hopefully by Christmas!! If not, then it will be a New Year bunting! That’ll work too!


I have also begun to knit a snowflake sweater for myself. This may or may not be finished by Christmas, which will be ok since it is in colors that will work for anytime in winter. 🙂

And there’s drawing at Eclection which is always fun on Fridays! My fellow artist and friend, Debbie, and I drew this Friday there. It will probably be our last time until the New Year.

And various drawings in my sketchbook… Macy the Mouse, and everyday things around the house. (oh, that rhymes!)

Hoping you’re able to squeeze in a few minutes of making during this last week before Christmas!

*****The quote you see in the sketch above, is from a wonderful Advent book by various authors. This particular quote is by Henri Nouwen, a favorite author of mine. The book is titled Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas. I’ve been trying to find my copy to re-read it this year, and I can’t seem to locate it! Grrrr…. ;/

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  1. freebirdsings says:

    Ah, this was a treat! I’ve been busy at my daughter’s doing everything but getting online. The cookie jars were empty and the youngest grandchild was getting worried (her psychologist says she’s got Asperger’s which was no surprise to the family so the idea that this Christmas wouldn’t be the same as all the ones before was making her quite anxious) so I made dough for snowballs (Mexican Wedding Cakes (or Russian, depending on the recipe) and pfefferneuse, made Date Balls and Condensed Milk Macaroons and started on the Sponge Candy (alas, there was NO vinegar so it was set aside) but by then it was time for me to go home. I did do some drawing which I hope to have done soon to share. I’ve been knitting, but not enough, on slipper socks for my son so I need to get busier – sheesh- we have only a week left! Okay, I’ve been pretty busy so it was fun to STOP and relax a bit and read this post with the eye candy knitting and crocheting! Patience. Yep, it’s something we need more of even if we think we’ve got a bit of it! Now to go look at the crochet pattern. I love designs that let you use scraps of yarn!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Wow! You really ARE the mad scientist/chef these days! I remember the yummy date balls my grandmother used to make. She put them in tupperware bins and stashed them under her bed. I would always sneak in her room to eat some of them! I think she knew!:) But really…you must be quite the chef! And pfefferneuse…well, I had to google that one! amazing! They look yummy! I hope you enjoy all your creative activity Timaree, and have a spot of time just to sit and enjoy all that you’ve made! All the best to you!

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