When Light Invades the Dark

Straggling storm clouds, leftover from Sandy, lingered in the sky as I walked one morning this week. They were enshrouded by night’s darkness with only the barest hint that morning was here.  I rounded a corner and WHAM! Two piercing spots of light invaded the gray surroundings as if spotlights were being turned on in the darkened theater one by one.  With my jaw on the ground, I kept walking as I gazed and marveled and watched the sun slowly peek over the quilted landscape, touching a spot here, a spot there.  I cannot come close to painting it. My attempt here falls so short.

As I gawked, I remembered:

*The light is most stunning when it FIRST begins to glow after a long stretch of darkness.

*Even the first spot of light brings HOPE that we might’ve thought lost, only to realize it had been there all along, smoldering in embers, needing only the smallest light to kindle it.

*The invading light creeps, slowly, leaving much still in shadow.

*At some point, the light will dispel ALL the darkness and lingering shadows.

My thoughts are with those who are suffering in Sandy’s wake today.  My jaw drops also from pictures of the ravaged lives and landscape Sandy leaves behind.  It must feel like days upon days of darkness for many people, both literally and figuratively.  My prayer for them is that light will not linger long in invading their darkened worlds.  And that spots of light, even if only a few, would break through the dark, bringing them hope for difficult days to come.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light…”

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