Where we go…

There seems to be, for each of us, a place we go to unwind, to refuel, to throttle down from the ever-churning to-do list of our days.  For some of us, it is to sit and draw.  Others read books.  Some knit or crochet.  There’s an endless list of where we go for solitude, solace, peace.

I hope you find this place somewhere in your busy day today!  May thankfulness and grace invade the hustle and bustle.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

0 thoughts on “Where we go…

  1. Sherie says:

    Beautiful! I hope your Thanksgiving was a peaceful one. Yes, we all have that place we go to for solace and to refresh our spirits. Love the peacefulness of this piece. Doing something you love is TLC for the heart and soul. 🙂

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