Which Would U Choose?

If you could have a Genevieve print, either for purchase OR to win in a drawing, which one would you choose?  I’d dearly love to know if you have a top choice or two from these four images.  And, if YOUR favorite isn’t here, which one would you like?  I’m getting my Etsy shop up and running, stocked with a print or two to start and a set of cards to offer.  Plans are in the works for gift tags, a calendar, etc.

Make your “VOTE” in the comments section.  You can indicate your favorite by the numbers 1-4 listed beside each image.  Or describe what your favorite one is from other blog posts.  Feel free to say whether you would prefer these in cards, prints, or both?  My plan is to make the prints in a 5 x 7 format for easy framing, and the cards will be 5.5″x 4.25″.

Handmade items will be put in the shop at a later date…be on the lookout!

The above, Oh Happy Day!, is #1.

Armsfull, is #2.

Sun shines for you!, is #3.  (with better cropping!)

Balancing Life, is #4.

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  1. Timaree says:

    Wow, this is really, really hard. I’d be standing in front of the card rack forever! I think having to choose one, it would be number 3. I almost said number 1 but I think 3 is something I could hang on a wall as a reminder everyday to realize my blessings. No. 1 is great for the up days but not every day. The flowers are great but not as joyful as the Happy Day or Sunshine. And I even almost went for no. 4 as it makes me think not of duties calling and too many of them but of how many wonderful things that are offered we can’t handle all of them. I think they would all make wonderful cards for all occasions. Oh Happy Day could be for any celebratory day, no. 2 could be for days of loss, sickness and other more tender and/or raw moments. No. 3 could be for an encouraging moment or just a thankyou for being you card and no. 4 could be too much to handle, thanks for all you do and so on. Don’t discount your knitting and crochet pics as you could post those for all the people on Ravelry and other fiber arts sites.

    I am so glad you are going for your shop! Way to Go Genevieve!

  2. Janice says:

    Number 2 is my Favorite! Of course they are all wonderful and I’d love a collection… If I were to get a print, it would be of number 2 – it’s just glorious and a brilliant picture of the joy of the lord in all things bright and beautiful

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