Whispering Colors


The sun is warm and vibrant on my skin today…

strong shadows delight the eye.

There is no color…yet.

But I can hear the colors whispering

in the ground and in the branches.

The sun is tickling them.


I sat out on our front stoop this weekend for just a few minutes of peace and quiet.  Sun on one’s face is a delicious feeling.  Strong shadows are evidence that the sun is out in full force.  My tingling skin made me think of how the trees, bulbs, and bushes that bloom must feel this time of year…a stirring or tickling them into a full-on laugh…eventually.

Can’t wait to see nature’s laughter in a few weeks!!

0 thoughts on “Whispering Colors

  1. Alex Tan says:

    Awesome piece. I am still trying to make out the shapes of the subjects, but I like it! =) The way you create the contrasts and adding colors… like I said, it’s affecting my styles somehow and very inspirational ^^ Thank you for your comments Jennifer, they mean a lot to me.

    • jenpedwards says:

      A bit of fyi: right out my front door are these three small sculpted bushes. Just boxwoods I guess, which my husband clips into these round shapes. The strong shadows cast that day were long. I tried leaving it a 2 value drawing…only dark and light. Just like your wonderful “Green Day” drawing. Cheers Alex!

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