Whoa Nellie!!


I nearly bolted out of bed Thursday morning! I was not expecting that. The three days prior had worn me out…I figured I would have a tough time making myself get up. Monday I hung our school art show all day. Monday night we enjoyed the art show and all the amazing work my students had created (more on this in an upcoming post!), Tuesday I took down the art show, Wednesday I taught all day, then capped it all off with a root canal that afternoon. Oi! I was beat. Done. Finito. Caput.

When creative horses have been held at bay for too long, they get a crazed look in their eyes. They stamp their feet, foam at the mouth, chomp at the bit. That’s how I felt Thursday morning. The creative horses could smell the freedom, my hand on the gate, ready to let them loose! They were raring to go! But my tired body wasn’t.

So I puttered around yesterday, petting each horse, saying sweetly to them: soon…very soon…we’ll go out for a trot…you can play…you can run…a bit at a time…take it easy…calm down…here’s an apple. A bit of sketching, a row or two of knitting, a lot of grocery shopping, and friends at lunch. A good way to ease back into this artful life. Certainly my artful life INCLUDES the Art Show and all that it entails. That horse had full use of the playing field for a couple of months. Now that he is back in the barn to rest for a year, the others can romp and run at will. And when I’m ready to ride, we will have a lovely time.

I’m taking out my rich brown  mare named “Downtown Drawing” today. Looking forward to being regular with this again. So many horses to ride. So little time. Ah me…I love this artful life!!

0 thoughts on “Whoa Nellie!!

  1. pockettrikeed says:

    Me too!

    “Do you see a child of God who is skilled in their art? They will perform before those who care, not scoffers or destructors.” (Loosely translated by Da from his favorite Proverb)

  2. freebirdsings says:

    Love the horse sketch. My granddaughter went horseback riding for her birthday. I didn’t do the riding. Instead I drew a very quick sketch (at least my daughter’s mother-in-law thought it was really quick) of one of the horses. I got his belly a bit off but was happy overall and did it with a tombow pen so no erasing. I was happy to do something “live” while others were watching and end up with something I could be happy with. THAT was a good horses run for me! Glad to hear you are not just stomping at the bit but ready to run!

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