Widener University Holiday Card


In this and the next post, I’ll share with you a couple of commissions I received prior to Christmas. I have truly been blessed to be asked to create artwork for some wonderful people. One of them was for Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.

The above drawing was created from a handful of photos sent to me of this military University’s main building. In fact, the name of the building is Old Main. Years ago, this was the only building on campus, housing all the dormitories, classrooms, and administration offices in one.  It is a beautiful building, with it’s sweeping lawn and statues.


I was asked to made certain additions  to the drawing: have snow (there was no snow in the photographs), add some students, keep the flag, etc. After a few adjustments to the first “draft”, all parties were satisfied and this became their holiday card sent out to all the alumni.  I think it turned out well.

The best part was working with Kathy, a fellow mom of a child with Type 1 Diabetes. In fact, she found me via a Facebook Page we follow called Mom’s of Type 1 Diabetics. Isn’t that cool?  Though we’ve never met in person, it was great to “meet” and work with someone who you have an instant connection with.

I am continually grateful for all the people I get to meet, whether in person or virtually, through art!

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